Thursday, July 2, 2009


In front of state street fruit store-
50 state street apt. 1

Call 5:00/5:30

12 in the morning, first draft in a long time.

This typing on a sheet of almost-white paper, late at night when one has time to think, is good for
The therapy of this night time, of this gray time….when there is not a place to put the past in the past, when there is only now and no future, when you realize you are really living, oh but how is that so

Peaches period a spot on the paper neat dots elegant font THAT font that RIGHT font on labels on brandnames on handmaidens and tales of peanut butter and mango trees.

Exotic names food for thought elahe oh elahe oh oh oh seena three e’s a oh no a vowel three pieces three pounds of food blood three pounds of flesh owed owned by another.