Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Summer, The Fourth, Life, Goodbyes

I eat summer fun for breakfast because
At lunch I’ll be indoors, typing out a memo to the boss,
about that thou we lost
Investing in the ice capades.
The popsicles and the ice cream
Left over from that childhood dream
Are in the freezer. We’re saving them for the
Fourth, after the barbeque and the sweet summer water-melon
That leaves
A wet taste on your lips glinting back at the stars and
The firecrackers as you lay on your back, a
Night-blanket and night-light
In your clutch as you had as a child, and
though imagination lifts and tries
Its best to hold,
the lead of your ever-soft body wields
To the solid dark earth, thick and vast.

You are its slave, and one day you will melt into it the exact opposite
Way you left it, many fourths from today. Stop, don’t stay. Leave it
As you would leave me, on a cool night after a hot summer day, to get a drink
Of water, with every intention of returning. Just pretend you’ll be back;
Breathe normally,
Talk normally, drink normally, I’ll never suspect. And,
If you touch my fingertips one more time with yours and form a jumbled
Word with your lips, I’ll let you go.


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